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A few photographs show a beauty makeup room on top of a mezzanine that was really cold.The makeup was prepared and photographed there.It wasn’t the best environment for doing this but it is now.We fitted a new suspended ceiling with … Continued

Havana Oldham

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Just another job we completed last week. We fitted a black fabric tile which is a good sound absorber and insulator so when the shop is occupied with many college students which it often is the noise will be kept … Continued

Droylesden school

Just completed two classrooms at the school which had a concrete ceiling with old lights that were very expensive to run and the concrete ceiling created Echo in the classroom. We fitted an acoustic suspended ceiling which is a sound … Continued

Stoke gym

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We have just fitted the ceiling in a large gymnasium in Stoke-on-Trent When I first went to see the owner he said he was losing clients due to the intense cold in the winter and him being unable to afford … Continued

Access panels

Over the weekend we fitted access panels into suspended ceilings in two schools. The access panels were to allow access through and above the suspended ceilings to service handling units. One access panel was 2.4 m x 1.2 m to … Continued