How big are ceiling tiles?

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When you’re fitting ceiling tiles or having a suspended ceiling installed by professionals, it’s worth knowing what you’re buying – specifically the size of your ceiling tiles. Here at Granmore, we have years of experience supplying and installing ceilings for our customers across Manchester … Continued

How Much Do Ceiling Tiles Cost?

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Often referred to as false or dropped ceilings, suspended ceilings are commonly used in commercial buildings, retail shops, offices, and educational facilities to name a few. In general, suspended ceilings are a cost-effective solution if you require a clean and … Continued

What Are Acoustic Ceilings?

In many rooms and spaces where a suspended ceiling is often utilised, acoustics performance is crucial. Excellent acoustics are needed for productivity and creativity in workplaces, homes, and educational settings. Acoustic ceiling tiles are suspended tile systems that hang on … Continued


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We have been two days in Skegness fitting out a retail shop with a suspended ceiling in vinyl tile and white grid work and low energy LED daylight fittings.

A large office area

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A very large office area that had existing air-conditioning but a much higher roof so the heat and the cool we’re just going up to the top roof and we have now fitted a new acoustic suspended ceiling complete with … Continued


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Granmore just completed this ceiling in a conservatory that was freezing cold and very noisy when it rained.We fitted an insulated ceiling tile with insolation above which will keep the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter … Continued