All Ceiling Grid Components

Browse through our full range of suspended ceiling grids. At Granmore, we stock 15mm and 24mm ceiling grid components including cross tee sections, main tees, perimeter angle trims, shadow battens, angle brackets, and galvanised wire rolls.

We offer a variety of sizes and finishes including chrome, white, black, and gold, so you can find the style that suits your specific tastes and specifications.

Granmore’s online store also stocks additional suspended ceiling components including suspended ceiling lights, diffusers, and ceiling tiles. Order online today for fast UK delivery.

What are Ceiling Grids?

A ceiling grid, also known as a suspended ceiling grid or dropped ceiling grid, is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the main ceiling.

The ceiling grid usually consists of a network of metal bars that support ceiling tiles, lights, air-conditioning units, and more.

Suspended ceilings are popular in offices and commercial spaces as they can be used to conceal cables, pipes, and other construction elements. As the tiles rest in the grid, they can removed to provide easy access for maintenance and repairs. As elements of the suspended ceiling age or become damaged, they can easily be changed without replacing the whole ceiling.

Ceiling grids are a popular choice due to their acoustic features. They not only help to absorb sound within the room, they can act as a barrier so that adjacent rooms aren’t disrupted by noise.