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A suspended ceiling grid system refers to a metal grid system that is suspended from the walls and ceilings to transform a space, be it a small room or a large conference area.

Ceiling grids can be many things to many people… different colours, angles, and textures all using ceiling tiles manufactured for a variety of installations.

The tiles are placed within the suspended ceiling grid which forms square spaces at the interstices of the grid. This is a very flexible method.

Ceiling tiles come in so many variations that you will always find one to suit your requirements.

In addition, instead of tiles, you can have lighting panels. As the ceiling is suspended, all the untidy electrical stuff is hidden above the suspended ceiling. This is another reason for having one; if your ceiling is a bit of a mess, and contains unsightly wiring or piping, a suspended ceiling will clean it up and transform the space.

A suspended ceiling grid also has the benefit of being relatively simple to install. If you get tired of the tiles, you can replace them or you can mix and match. Our customers are always impressed by the transformation that a suspended ceiling grid can make to a room or space and change the character from dull to bright, worn out to modern.

Although most of our customers are commercial enterprises, we have successfully installed suspended ceiling grids in domestic environments. Kitchens, hallways, or any room can look stunning with the right tile design.

Suspended ceilings are also excellent for thermal insulation and soundproofing. As the suspended ceiling is a few inches below the actual ceiling, this air gap and the materials used to construct the suspended ceiling can offer greatly improved thermal insulation and muffle or reduce ambient noise, and change the acoustics of a room or space.

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Suspended Ceiling Grid