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What is the purpose of ceiling grids?

A suspended ceiling grid system is a metal grid system that Granmore suspends from the walls and ceilings to transform a space. Ceiling grids are the ‘skeleton’ onto which ceiling tiles are placed to create a suspended ceiling. The grids Granmore install are made of steel and are very strong. The first step is to install the perimeter of the ceiling grid around the entire room. Then the main runners are put in place followed by the cross-tees to complete the framework.

How are tiles fitted to ceiling grids?

Once the grid is installed and secured to the walls and ceiling it forms the framework on which ceiling tiles are secure with clips.The rectangles formed by the ceiling grid are calculated to be exactly the right size to support the type and size of ceiling tile which the customer has chosen. The grid is suspended from the actual ceiling lowering the ceiling and providing a space to accommodate wiring for lighting.

Enquiries about Ceiling Grids

Ceiling grid systems can be many things to many people: different colours, angles, textures all using ceiling tiles manufactured for a variety of installations. Granmore are specialists in this field and more than happy to provide a free quote. If you have any questions about ceiling grids in Manchester, the North West or anywhere in the UK, we will be happy to discuss with you by contacting us on the phone number at the top of this page or by completing the contact form on the website.