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Granmore supply ceiling tiles across North West England

Granmore has been supplying ceiling tiles in North West England for over 25 years, making us a name you can trust. We stock an extensive range of ceiling tiles in a number of different finishes, sizes and colours. The tiles are the main part of a ceiling grid. It is, therefore, important that they are aesthetically pleasing and enhance the look of the room or the area in which they are installed.

Other factors to consider when choosing ceiling tiles or panels are hygiene, acoustics and fire resistance.

Typical environments

Take a hospital, for example. Here you would want to chose a tile which is designed in a way that will harbour the fewest germs and bacteria.

There are ceiling tiles which can actually break down harmful airborne substances into non-critical parts. These ceiling tiles reduce uncomfortable and health threatening emissions from construction materials, cleaning agents, cosmetics, foods and cigarettes.

As part of the manufacturing process of ceiling tiles there will inevitably be some residue or dust present on some of the tiles. Tiles ideal for healthcare environments have been specifically designed not to release any of these micro-particles. Tiles have also been developed with an anti-microbial treatment to resist against bacteria and fungi.

If acoustics are important to you either to reduce noise and to absorb it or even to enhance sound, for example, where music is to be played, then there is a range of ceiling tiles for you.

Fire regulations are very stringent these days, and rightly so. Your tiles must conform to these high standards. Our fire resistant ceiling tiles have been developed to adhere to these standards and minimise the fire risk with tiles having been tested and certified for up to 60 minutes fire resistance under steel beams and timber joists.

Enquiries about Ceiling Tiles

We will help you make the right choice of ceiling tile so that it meets all the criteria that you specify.

If you have any questions about ceiling tiles in Manchester, the North West or anywhere in the UK, we will be happy to discuss with you by contacting us on the phone number at the top of this page or by completing the contact form on the website.

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