Bodysculpt Gymnasium, Warrington

Bodysculpt Gymnasium, Warrington

We made some significant improvements to the gym to address the issues of high energy costs, cold temperatures, drafts, and inefficient heating. Here’s a summary of the changes we made:

  1. Addressing Cold Temperatures:
    • The gym was very cold, which was causing discomfort for clients.
    • We installed insulation measures to retain heat and make the gym more comfortable.
  2. Expensive Lighting:
    • Lighting was costly to run.
    • We replaced existing lighting with low-energy LED Halo lights, which are more energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  3. Drafts Under the Shutter:
    • There were drafts coming from under the shutter.
    • We built an insulated plasterboard wall in front of the shutter to prevent drafts and improve insulation.
  4. Inefficient Heating:
    • Heating was inefficient and costly.
    • We added insulation above the ceiling and installed insulated ceiling tiles to reduce heat loss and improve heating efficiency.
    • A bulkhead was built around the office area to separate it from the gym space, ensuring that the heating was focused on the gym area where it was needed most.
  5. Sound Absorption:
    • The insulated ceiling tiles also serve as sound-absorbing elements, which can improve the acoustics of the gym.

Overall, these changes not only make the gym more energy-efficient and cost-effective to run but also create a more comfortable and inviting environment for clients. The client should see a significant reduction in their energy bills while maintaining a warm and pleasant gym atmosphere.

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