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What are the Main Types of Grids Used in Suspended Ceiling Systems?

Here at Granmore, we have already discussed the various types and sizes of tiles used for the installation of suspended ceilings, but what about the grids themselves?

Suspended ceiling grids are a network of runners arranged overhead, into which your ceiling tiles are fitted. There are a variety of grid options available, depending on the aesthetic you want for your ceiling.

In this article, we discuss some of the most popular types of suspended ceiling grids and how they differ from one another.

Exposed grid

This is the classic look for a suspended ceiling grid. Tiles are fitted from above, leaving the runners exposed in a criss-cross pattern. Sat beneath them, you can see each individual tile and the supporting grid in full. Easy to fit and easy to access the cavity above it.

Concealed grid

The exact opposite of the exposed grid, concealed suspended ceiling grids create a minimalist effect, with the tiles fitted from below, clicking snugly into place, with the runner behind them in the ceiling cavity. Concealed grids come in two varieties: demountable (where you can remove the tiles to access the cavity space) and non-accessible (where you can’t – or, at least, you need special tools to do so).

Semi-concealed grid

A popular halfway point between exposed and concealed grids, the semi-concealed grid tends to have visible runners in one direction only. This gives your room a sleek, modern design style, while still giving you full access to the ceiling void where necessary.

Plank system

The plank system delivers an attractive cosmetic change to any suspended ceiling. Instead of square tiles, long planks are fitted into the grid. Plank systems are the perfect option for spanning across corridors without the grid going down the length of the corridor. These planks are just as demountable as most ceiling tiles, making it easy to access the ceiling cavity.

Sub-grid system

A sub-grid system allows you to install suspended ceilings in areas where access to the soffits is limited. This involves more channels and runners to help support the weight more evenly and is particularly suited to larger offices which require a greater suspended ceiling span.

If you’re looking for all the components to fit the perfect suspending ceiling at your property, you’ve come to the right place. At Granmore, we have a wide selection of suspending ceiling grids parts available for immediate purchase from our online store.

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