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How big are ceiling tiles?

When you’re fitting ceiling tiles or having a suspended ceiling installed by professionals, it’s worth knowing what you’re buying – specifically the size of your ceiling tiles. Here at Granmore, we have years of experience supplying and installing ceilings for our customers across Manchester and beyond, and we’ve put together the following guide to ceiling tile sizes:

Common ceiling tile sizes

There are two industry-standard sizes used for most ceiling tiles — 600 × 600 mm and 1200 × 600 mm. Tiles of all materials, colours, and finishes tend to be mass-produced to these sizes. They match the standard measurements of the suspended ceiling grids that are used to install new ceilings in homes and offices across the UK.

Other ceiling tile sizes

While the sizes listed above are the most commonly-used in the UK, other sizes are available for specialist projects. Of these, the most popular are the smaller 500 × 500 mm tiles and several longer plank systems, used for spanning wider grid designs. These include 1200 × 300 mm, 1500 × 300 mm and 1800 × 300 mm.

Custom sizes

Of course, while these tiles are standard sizes for the industry, if you need something more bespoke, we can help you there too. Whether you want a smaller tile pattern overall, or a few cut-down tiles to ensure the ceiling is flush with the wall, let the team at Granmore help. Our professional fitters will take accurate measurements of your ceiling area and provide you with the right tiles for you, cut-to-fit, where necessary. Different tile materials require different techniques to produce a neat and even cut but, with our years of experience, we can promise a perfect fit.

Tile thickness

Most ceiling tiles are produced to a thickness of 24 mm as standard. This makes them robust enough to protect anything hidden within your suspended ceiling, whilst keeping them light enough for easy installation, removal, and access, when necessary.

Measuring ceiling tiles

If you take a ceiling tile and measure it, you’ll find that each edge is 5 mm shorter than advertised. A 600 x 600 mm tile, for instance, will actually measure 595 × 595 mm. This is entirely deliberate, as it accounts for the ceiling grid that the tiles are fitted into. Each intersection of the grid includes a raised separator, so ceiling tile sizes refer to the grid, rather than the tile itself.

Whatever size ceiling tiles you need, you can rely on Granmore to supply you with them. From standard 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm tiles to bespoke ceiling tiles cut to size and installed by our team of trained professionals, we can accommodate any size of order, including all grids and accessories. Order online today or give us a call on 0800 074 5005 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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