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Suspended Ceiling Tile Installations & Grid Fitters from Granmore

Welcome to Granmore’s brand new e-commerce website - Granmore Suspended Ceilings. From here you can buy suspended ceiling tiles, also known as suspended ceiling panels, ceiling grids and ceiling lighting systems from one of the leading designers, suppliers and installers of ceilings tiles and commercial lighting. With more than 25 years experience, Granmore is a trusted brand to architects, contractors and builders alike and we have installed suspended ceilings in buildings such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, retail outlets and offices.

At Granmore, we have our own team of specialist installers so we can supply the materials you need and fit it all for you or we can supply stand alone materials such as a box of replacement tiles for your existing ceiling. For more information and to buy with confidence, don’t hesitate to call our expert advisors on 0161 832 3961 or alternatively feel free to visit our showroom and warehouse, situated within 0.5 miles of Manchester City Centre.

Suspended Ceiling Systems

Hung below the main structural ceiling, a suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is used in most industrial and commercial buildings such as offices, schools and hospitals. The main use of this type of ceiling is to hide piping, wiring and ductwork. Each tile uses a grid of wire suspended metal channels (shaped like an upside-down “T”) that snap together to create a lattice pattern of cells which fit the ceiling tiles.  They can also help with reducing sound and with minimising thermal loss from your room.

Ceiling Tiles / Ceiling Panels

Suspended ceiling tiles or panels are lightweight square tiles that are dropped into the lattice grid of a ceiling system. They come in 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 600mm in dimension and can come in a variety of materials including non-burning mineral fibres.

Ceiling Lighting

Suspended ceiling lighting are light fittings that sit recessed in place of a ceiling tile to light large areas or rooms. These will then usually be paired with a diffuser like a prismatic design perspex diffuser.