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What is a Suspended Ceiling?

A suspended ceiling, otherwise known as a dropped ceiling or false ceiling, is a secondary ceiling made of a series of ceiling tiles and a metal framework that is hung from the underside of the structural ceiling above it. In general, a gap of between 3 and 8 inches is left between the structural and suspended ceiling, which is where the naming conventions originally comes from. 

Hugely popular in business premises and offices alike, dropped ceilings maintain a clean, professional atmosphere while utilising the space created between itself and the structural ceiling to conceal the necessary wires, heating, and ventilation that a business is often required to have. 

Conveniently, a suspended ceiling also allows for the installation of a variety of workplace necessities, such as light fittings, CCTV and smoke detectors, thanks to not only the created space, but the use of fitted ceiling tiles. As the ceiling tiles are slotted into the grid they can be lifted or have fixtures attached, meaning easy access should you need to remove, repair or replace anything within. 

Creating the perfect suspended ceiling is a simple, yet thorough, process. First, the rooms dimensions are accurately measured to design the metal grid on which the ceiling is installed. All the necessary infrastructure is considered when deciding the drop measurements, then experienced suspended ceiling fitters will design the system of interlocking beams to support the ceiling tiles. There is a huge range of different grid profiles available to suit every business need. 

Once all the dimensions have been calculated, installations such as lighting, air conditioners, speakers or detectors are then also considered for the perfect workplace installation. Thanks to the single tile design, maintenance of these systems, is an inexpensive experience. The tiles themselves come in a variety of designs, colours and materials, so that whatever the interior design and feel of the office space, this can all be considered and designed for. 

If you are considering a suspended ceiling, or want further information contact Granmore and our team of professional suspended ceiling fitters on 0800 074 6006, for a free, no obligation quote.

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