LED Lighting

Good morning Jon

As per our conversation please see attached for examples of the kind of fittings/LED lamps we were talking about.

This  of option would work out about £40.00/fitting and £10.00/m for the single circuit mains track depending on exactly what you go for and would give you the advantages of LED lights at a relatively low cost.

It would be a cheaper to use “Traditional” lamps in these types of fittings(about £15.00/fitting) but you would  be increasing your electricity usage by a big amount and the lamps would need changing a quite regular intervals.

This kind of system does have advantages over the much dearer built in LED type fittings in that you can change the lamps to different wattages and colours etc if you need in the future and when the LEDs do eventually fail or fade you are able to replace them.

With the Built in type you would have to replace the whole thing if/when anything fails.

Hope this gives you some ideas of where you can go.

LED PAR lamp

mains track

PAR track fiting


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