False Suspended Ceilings

False Suspended Ceilings 

A suspended ceiling system is considered as a secondary ceiling or a dropped roof. It contains panels that are assisted with the lightweight grid system and suspended from a higher ceiling by either using wood, masonry or metal. The hanging panels and grid then fall at the preferred height to create an illusion of ‘false’ suspended ceiling.

They are utilised for many environments but mostly used for industrial and commercial buildings such a schools, hospitals and offices. The primary use of this type of ceiling is to hide wiring, ductwork and piping.


Easy Maintenance The maintenance is very easy as the tiles can be easily lifted out if needs fixing or changing.

Easy Installation The installation process is very easy. As long as the grid has been fitted into the room, the next step would only be to insert the tiles themselves. The tiles will easily click into place with the grid. Overall it’s a quick and easy installation.

Reduce cost When it’s already fitted above with insulation, it will reduce your total cost of heating and cooling throughout the room.

Organised finish Once the false suspended ceiling is installed, it covers any hanging or exposed wires just by tucking them under the roof tiles.

Affordable One of the most inexpensive fitting compared to other alternatives like plastering, decorating or using an MF plasterboard ceilings.

A variety of designs A wide range of textures, colours, designs and materials available to suit everyone. Back when it started, they were seen as tacky. However, more models were introduced to changed this perception and ensure that they fit into today’s style.

Easy Access If damage occurs, the single tiles can be easily replaced.  If wires need adjusting, just slide the ceiling panel aside.

Lighting Easy to incorporate lighting into the grid system.

Economical – It is energy efficient as it can reduce heat during the cold or summer time. Instead of renovating the entire ceiling, it can just be replaced and installed with suspended ceilings.

Noise Reduction Crafted to reduce noise reverberation so it provides a quieter space.

Cost of suspended ceiling

There are many factors to consider when calculating the total cost. For instance, it can depend on the height of the ceiling, cutting off the edge tiles, type of the wall, the size of the false ceiling and of course which types of ceiling and so on. All of these factors may need extra time to install therefore more labour costs are involved.

So it is not as simple as you think. With that in mind, it is better to get a quote from a specialist installer such as Granmore to help you get an accurate price for your room. Visit our website or simply call us on 0161 832 3961.

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