Granmore supply and install Suspended Ceiling Systems in Manchester

What are suspended ceiling systems?

Suspended ceiling systems are a second ceiling which is installed below an existing ceiling, sometimes called a ‘false ceiling’.

An steel frame is used to create the area into which the ceiling tiles would be seated. Tiles are held in place by clips, if required can easily be replaced. Tiles come in various designs and colours and sizes.

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What purposes can a suspended ceiling fulfil?

The purpose of a suspended ceiling system can fall into many categories:

If you have an unsightly existing ceiling which could be uneven or be covered with cabling and other electrics which spoil the look of the ceiling, installing a suspended ceiling will greatly improve the aesthetics of the room or area where it is installed.

A suspended ceiling can also act as an acoustic damper, remove echoes and improve the general ambience of the space.

Suspended ceilings can also enhance thermal efficiency in these environmentally sensitive times. By lowering the ceiling, this reduces the space required to heat. In addition, the tiles themselves have insulating properties.

The suspended ceiling system can also provide a better framework or enhanced lighting options as all the wiring is hidden within the space between the original ceiling and the suspended ceiling. This is an excellent way to completely transform the look of your office space or factory space or many other different types of environment.

Granmore have designed, supplied and installed suspended ceiling systems in a wide variety of locations including shopping centers, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, Government offices and hotels. We work with different contractors, architects, shop fitters and builders in order to provide a system that matches building plans and design.

Enquiries about Suspended Ceiling Systems

Every installation is unique and Granmore has more than 30 years experience in installing suspended ceiling systems. We will help you make the right choice of system.

If you have any questions about suspended ceiling systems in Manchester, the North West or anywhere in the UK, we will be happy to discuss with you by contacting us on the phone number at the top of this page or by completing the contact form on the website.