Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Moisture resistant ceiling tiles are most suitable in areas such as shower rooms or swimming pool areas. This type of tile is recommended for heavy moisture areas as it has a dimension stability at up to 100% humidity levels. Here at Granmore, we provide this type of tile from our “Rockfon” product range. They are not only good for humidity levels but they are ideal for sound absorption too. It contains a stone wool which provides fire protection at the area. For decoration purposes, the tile can be covered with your preferred Rockfon finishing paint to match with your colour preference.

Hygienic ceiling tiles are often used in food areas or laboratories. A vinyl ceiling tile is perfect as they are wipeable, easy to maintain and has a long-wearing surface suited for hygienic purposes. At our online store, you can choose from our vinyl faced silver foil or foil back ceiling both with affordable pricing.

Microlook ceiling tiles are great for a clean, stylish finish. Our four quality brands from Armstrong Dune, Rockfon Artic, Sandstone Texture and Fine Stratos micro look tiles offers different grid edge sizes, sound absorption and attenuation levels for various room requirements. For instance, Armstrong Dune has a granulated finish and most suitable in any dry indoor areas. Each brand has different surfaces and texture to suit your space.

We have a broad range of decorative ceiling tiles to suit your needs. With many styles, colours, sizes and textures to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right one at the best price. Browse through our online store for more information on our products and services. For further enquiries, call us on 0800 074 6006 / 0161 832 3961.

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