Droylesden school

Just completed two classrooms at the school which had a concrete ceiling with old lights that were very expensive to run and the concrete ceiling created Echo in the classroom. We fitted an acoustic suspended ceiling which is a sound … Continued

Access panels

Over the weekend we fitted access panels into suspended ceilings in two schools. The access panels were to allow access through and above the suspended ceilings to service handling units. One access panel was 2.4 m x 1.2 m to … Continued

E-cig store Stockport

It is an e-cigarette store in Stockport and we fitted a white heat retaining ceiling and took out old expensive to-run fluorescent lights and fitted high output low energy LED Halo fittings. Massive improvement to the aesthetics and running costs.

A school in Droylsden

We have just completed the school in Droylsden. A new suspended ceiling for acoustic improvements in the classrooms with LED low-energy lighting will cost 50% less to run than the standard lighting that we took out. Also, we sloped the … Continued