Armstrong Ceiling Tiles


Armstrong ceiling tiles came from an original brand called Armstrong World Industries (AWI). They are a large global leading company that specialises in the design and manufacture of a residential ceiling, wall and suspension systems. In 2015 they made a massive turnover of $1.2 billion with a figure for employment of 3,700.

Armstrongs’s aim is to offer and provide interior solutions with comfort and an increased in efficiency and performance as well as adding beautiful spaces. They mainly design their products for home spaces, work areas, restaurants and other suitable facilities.


Armstrong has been around for over 150 years. Their business first started as a small cork-cutting shop in the 1860s. The store first opened by Thomas Morton Armstrong in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Through the years, they have expanded and developed their crafts and services even further. Today they are now known as a worldwide company with a total number of 15,000 employees.

Why buy from Armstrong?

The company has built a reliable company that offers quality, and their products are what sets them apart from the competition. For instance, Armstrong tiles contain some acoustical properties. Meaning the tiles can help control sounds and noise within a room to room. Acoustic ceiling tiles are useful for a quieter environment which is perfect for schools and hospitals.

Having a noise control is just one of the few things their ceiling tiles can do. As some of their ceiling solutions can also deal with fire and seismic concerns.

Types of Armstrong ceiling tiles

  • Cortega Tegular – Cortega has a recycled content of 51% and a light reflectance of 82%. The tile is available in tegular or a flat board.
  • Dune Supreme – A suspended ceiling tile built with a finely granulated surface with strong edges. Like most of their ceilings, it has an excellent sound absorption and attenuation. They are great for hospitals, hotels and offices.
  • Fine Fissured Flat – The feature of this tile has an 85% EN ISO for light reflectance. Cortega has also got an excellent intelligibility. The ceiling is available in two sizes including 600mm X 600mm or a 1200mm X 600mm.
  • Tatra Tegular – This type of tile has a surface perforations and a 1-2cm of shallow fissures. They are ideal for warehouses, offices and supermarkets.

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