Vinyl Ceiling Tiles to the Rescue

A customer came into the Granmore Store today asking for advice on our vinyl ceiling tiles .

They had a suspended ceiling in a changing room area that was next to some showers, and therefore the air was constantly filled with moisture. As a result of the moisture the tiles that they already had in were becoming soggy and breaking, sometimes falling out of the grid.

We recommended that they replace them all with the vinyl ceiling tiles as it is a more robust plasterboard tile and has a vinyl layer on the front and silver foil on the back and so will keep out most moisture.

They also suffered from leaks in the above roof dripping down and destroying the previous tiles, which again the vinyl ceiling tiles are perfect for as drips of water can be simply wiped clean off the tile.

The customer has happily purchased the Vinyl faced tiles and will let us know how they change the area.

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