Tips for Choosing the Right Suspended Ceiling Lights

When you’re fitting a suspended ceiling, there’s more to think about than just the right kind of tiles for the job. You also need to consider how you’re going to incorporate any lighting fixtures. Fortunately, suspended ceilings are extremely versatile, so your ceiling lights can be tailored to meet the needs of the room they are in.

Here at Granmore, we have been supplying and installing suspended ceilings for many years. We even have an extensive range of ceiling lights and accessories that are perfect for the job. These are just a few top tips for choosing the right suspended ceiling lights for you:


Most LED ceiling lights for suspended ceilings are square, matching the ceiling tiles in both shape and size. They are installed by simply slipping them into the ceiling grid as you would a regular tile. You can also choose circular suspended ceiling lights if you want something a little unconventional. These are affixed to the underside of the ceiling tile, with brackets on opposite sides of the light that attach it to the ceiling grid.


LED lights for suspended ceilings tend to come in three different colours, depending on the temperature of the light itself. These are:

4000k: a neutral colour, perfect for school and office environments. Gives off enough light to work by without causing too much glare or potential eye-strain.

5000k: a brighter choice than the 4000k version, shedding more light, but still retaining a warm glow.

6000k: cold, brilliant white with a more clinical feel. Appropriately enough, these are used where visibility is of most importance – hospitals, dentist’s offices, warehouses, storage facilities, and so on.


As discussed, most suspended ceiling lights are fitted directly into the ceiling grid for easy installation and access. There are other ways of mounting your lights, however. A popular choice is the polo LED ceiling light. This is installed in much the same way as regular LED lighting, but with an opaque back panel. Once fitted, the light creates a frame effect in the ceiling, which gives a room a unique look.

Whatever kind of lights you choose for your suspended ceiling, Granmore has a wide choice of lighting solutions available for immediate purchase from our online store. All our stock benefits from fast delivery times across the UK. For any queries or advice on which is the best suspended ceiling lighting for you, give the team a call today on 0800 074 5005.

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