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How Much Do Ceiling Tiles Cost?

Ceiling Tiles Cost

A lot of customers are wondering how much would the ceiling tiles cost when they are planning to improve their ceilings. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Suspended ceilings, are often referred to as false or dropped ceilings. These ceilings are commonly used in commercial buildings, retail shops, offices, and educational facilities to name a few.

In general, suspended ceilings are a cost-effective solution if you require a clean and professional look, whilst concealing messy pipework, electrical wires, and other components. A suspended ceiling consists of metal grids, wires, brackets, and ceiling tiles. Making up the majority of the main surface area, ceiling tiles are usually the part of the suspended ceiling that require the largest investment.

If you’re having a tough time calculating how much you should be paying for your ceiling tiles, we have put together a list of tips to help you determine the average price and factors that will contribute towards the material costs.

Average Ceiling Tiles Costs

National Price Range = £8.00 to £20.00 per m2
Average Cost = £12.70 per m2
Cheapest Price = £8.00 per m2

The cost of ceiling tiles will depend entirely on various factors like the size required, material type, the quality of the tile, and its additional properties. Here are a few essential factors that can affect the cost of installing a suspended ceiling.

Material specification: Ceiling tiles are available in different materials that can range from many wood grains, plastics, silicones, fibers, and other innovative products including tiles with reflective properties that can contribute towards heat retention and protection from moisture damage. In general, plasterboard and fibreboard tiles are cost-friendly and practical in design.

Tile properties: Some ceiling tiles have extra features useful for certain building types and specific rooms. This can range from highly insulated ceiling tiles to soundproof materials, and fire-resistant ceilings. Fire-resistant tiles are coated with a resin barrier that can make a big difference in protecting your property. Various textures, patterns, and colours are also available, but it does come at a cost from your average ceiling.

Lighting & additional features: Different lighting options exist for suspended ceilings, and circular lighting integrated into the ceiling tile will cost a bit more than a standard rectangular fitting. Additional features to take into account are sprinklers, HVAC or air conditioning units, sound systems, and additional insulation which will all increase the installation time.

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Our friendly team of suspended ceiling experts is ready to help you with your ceiling tile needs and give you an unbeatable price to get the job done. We supply and fit suspended ceilings and offer a range of complete ceilings including tiles, grid components, wires, and brackets from just £8.00 per m2.

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