High Suspended Ceiling in Large Manchester Unit

Granmore have continued with our many suspended ceiling installations this week with a customer in Manchester who has taken over a large open unit with the intention of turning it into a showroom and business area.

The customer wasn’t really very aware of suspended ceiling installations and their benefits and so was looking into getting a plasterboard ceiling fitted but realised that a suspended ceiling would be a lot more cost effective while providing the same outcome. He needed to have a ceiling installed a lot lower down in the unit as the original ceiling is very high up and it is impossible to heat.

Our fitters installed a Vinyl Faced tile and white grid leaving long lines of tiles missing along the whole length of the room as we are going to install rows of LED lighting  in these spaces in the  next week.

The customer is very happy with the results and said that he would recommend Granmores suspended ceiling installations  to others.

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