Granmore creates clean area for a large factory in Warrington

The owners of a large factory in Warrington recently requested a visit from Granmore.

They wanted to form a clean area for carrying out certain processes.

Granmore achieved this by fitting plasterboard walls fixed to an existing outer wall to form a new area.

These consisted of metal stud, plasterboard, insulation (to keep the heat in) and plaster finish.
They were then decorated white.

Within the newly formed walls Granmore fitted a suspended ceiling which consisted of a black painted timber shadow batten around the edges.

These offer a clean finish to the edges of the walls. Granmore then fitted a white grid and vinyl faced wipeable ceiling tiles which have a foil back for added insulation.

The next stage was to lay 200mm polythene wrapped insulation above the ceiling tiles. This offered additional insulation qualities. Polythene istops the insulation breaking up above the ceiling tiles over a period of time.

The lighting consisted of recessed 600×600 LED daylight modules. These are low energy, low running cost light fittings with a wipeable plain white face which offer a daylight affect in an area where, due to the ceiling being fitted, there is no daylight.

When the work is completed, the client only has to attend to the floor and to put in their machinery.
The room is ready for operation.
This work took two weeks to achieve.

Here are some photos:

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