Granmore Ceilings Revamps Supermarket Chain

It’s a well known fact that customers are becoming increasingly demanding and therefore if a supermarket doesn’t have it all – a clean layout, attractive design and wide product range, the customer will go elsewhere. Because of this retailers and in particular supermarkets are tapping into this and looking at ways in which they can utilise their store space and improve it to attract new customers.

Before Christmas we won a new contract with a small supermarket chain that was looking to improve their brand image and footfall, by revamping the interiors of their store. The supermarket chain wanted to define the interior of their shop space by incorporating modern curved bulkheads to highlight certain aspects of the store, such as their new in-store coffee shop.

Therefore, we had to tap into our hospitality and retail expertise to give the supermarket chain the opportunity to improve and strengthen their brand image against other supermarket competitors and enhance the customer experience. Our design response was about embracing existing elements of the store, like their existing bulkheads, and updating them with new aesthetically pleasing curved bulkheads.

Once the work was completed the supermarket had a much more appealing atmosphere and the new coffee shop area was defined perfectly by the curved bulkheads, the client was extremely impressed with the results.

Here at Granmore Ceilings we’re able to form bulkhead systems of any shape or size for any building whether that be a supermarket, commercial property, warehouse or industrial complex. We’re able to build to our customers specifications and can design the bulkheads, build and fit them.

All of our workforce are highly qualified and skilled ceiling installers, therefore we can ensure that all the work being carried out will be finished on time, on specification and on budget. For more information about our suspended ceiling systems, please get in contact with us. You can call us on 0800 074 6006 or email

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