Garage for Limousines is no stretch for Granmore

Our fitters have recently finished a job in a Garage which specialises in Limousines for hire to the rich and famous in Manchester.
One of the storage areas for the cars is being refurbished and needed a full new ceiling and lighting.

The area was very dark so our fitters installed a bright, white waterproof tile and white grid. They used this waterproof tile and white grid as the area has a big open door at the front and it can be exposed to the elements like rain and wind. Also, because of the wind our fitters had to use special clips to hold down the tiles to stop them lifting.

We also installed 8 Led 40 watt Modules,

These give off a lot more light while using a lot less power, effectively saving energy costs.

The customer was very happy with how much brighter the area looked.

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