Types Of Ceiling Tiles And Their Uses

A suspended ceiling, which is sometimes also called a dropped roof or a ceiling grid, consists of panels supported by a lightweight grid system that is suspended from a higher ceiling element such as wood, metal or masonry. The hanging grid and panels then fall to create a “false” suspended ceiling.

There are huge advantages to installing a suspended ceiling in your property, and can be used in a wide number of environments. These ceiling tiles are easy to install and simply slot into place within the grid, installing them is a very quick and simple process.

Tiles also give a nice, neat finish, and acts as a cover for any plumbing or electrical wires that run along the original ceiling. Any loose-hanging wires or exposed pipe work is tucked away, creating a much more neat and tidy finish for the room. The flexible movement of suspended ceiling tiles means they can be easily replaced if they become damaged for any reason and any maintenance to components behind them can be easily accessed and  carried out. Any leaky pipe work or faulty wiring can be accessed by simply sliding a ceiling panel aside.

Tiles now come in a wide variety of designs, colours, and materials. In the past suspended ceilings were considered to be dated, but now the huge variety of design choices means that your property can benefit from stylish suspended ceilings. What’s more, these types of ceilings can play a key role in acoustics and noise absorption, as they are designed in such a way that it works to reduce noise reverberation, making the space quieter and more noise resistant.

If any of the tiles are damaged it is very easy to replace individual tiles with minimal fuss at minimal cost. Repairs to a traditional ceiling are more expensive and can be messier and more disruptive, so installing a suspended ceiling is much less costly than its traditional counterpart.

There are many different types of ceiling tiles, and at Granmore, we offer a wide range of them that suits everyone’s styles and tastes. We offer everything from microlook to easy-clean vinyl tiles for food preparation areas to flat tiles for office settings and tiles that are moisture or micro-organism resistant for hospitals and doctors surgeries.

You can take a look at our range of products and find ones that are perfect for you here. Our sales team are always on hand to help so to find out more and to discuss your requirements call 0800 074 6006 or email enquiries@granmore.com.

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