Zenita Armstrong Tatra Tegular 24mm Ceiling Tiles 600mm X 600mm (Box of 16)

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600x600 Zenita Armstrong Tatra Tegular ceiling tiles

Each box contains 16 tiles and will fit 24mm grid systems.

Suitable for:
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Classrooms
  • Areas being renovated
  • Domestic
  • General areas

Technical Information

  • Colour: White.
  • Edge detail: Tegular / Drop down edge.
  • Grid Type: 24mm
  • Dimensions: 595 x 595mm, (to fit 600 x 600mm grid layout).
  • Material: Mineral fibre.
  • Sound absorption: (alpha w) 0.55 (H).
  • Sound absorption: European Classification D.
  • Sound absorption: (NRC) 0.55.
  • Sound attenuation: Dncw (dB) 34.
  • Light reflectance: (%) 82.31.
  • Humidity resistance: (RH%) 70.
  • Thermal conductivity: (W/mK) 0.06.
  • Weight: (kg/m2) 3.50.
  • Fire reaction: EEA Euroclass A2-s1 d0.
  • Cleaning: Yes, (with dry soft cloth).

This 24mm tegular white suspended ceiling tile has surface perforations and 1-2cm shallow fissures. Armstrong Tatra Tegular boards can be purchased by the box; 16 tiles to a box.

Recommended for offices, warehouses, showrooms and supermarkets. Ceiling tiles should be stored flat and in clean, dry conditions.

Technical Details

  • Quantity per box: 16
  • Size: 600 x 600 x 15mm
  • Area coverage per box: 5.76m2
  • Grid System: Prelude XL/TL 24mm
  • Sound absorption alpha w: 0.55 (H)
  • Sound absorption (NRC): 0.55
  • Sound attenuation Dncw (dB): 34
  • Light reflectance (%): 80
  • Relative humidity (%RH): 70
  • Thermal conductivity (W/mK): 0.0562
  • Fire reaction: Class 0 / Class 1 (BS 476)
  • Weight (kg/m2): 3.5
More Information
Brand Armstrong / Zentia
Application Ceiling Tiles for Retail, Ceiling Tiles for Changing Rooms, Ceiling Tiles for Call Centres, Ceiling Tiles for Car Showrooms, Ceiling Tiles for Supermarkets, Ceiling Tiles for Cinemas, Ceiling Tiles for Mezzanine Floors, Ceiling Tiles for Night Clubs, Ceiling Tiles for Offices, Ceiling Tiles for Restaurants, Ceiling Tiles for Kitchens, Ceiling Tiles for Sports Halls, Ceiling Tiles for Boardrooms, Ceiling Tiles for Gyms
Appearance Basic Fissured
Performance Acoustic, Sound Absorbing, Sound Insulating
Thickness Reveal/Tegular (24mm Grid)
Tile Material Mineral Fibre
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